Our approach to technology investment - if it doesn't add value to our Dental Practice Partners, there is no value. Our Critera is simple:

Meaningful Technology.
Not Distractions


Does it increase
time efficiency?


Does it increase


Does it increase
product consistency?

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An Investment in Our Lab, Is an Investment in Our Dental Partners.

Offer the perfect smile

3Shape provides a new powerful solution for fast and easy creation of smile designs in 2D, and the ability to accurately match 2D photos with 3D designs. Enable patients to try out their new smile before final treatment by creating a mockup model and matrix based on the design.

On-Site 3-D Printing

We’re ready when you are. While most labs outsource 3D Printing, Golden Ceramic Dental Labs is equipped with the most state of the art 3D printing capabilities on-site.

Golden Ceramic Dental Labs brings together 3D scanning, CAD modeling, order management, and communication tools.  Improving treatment quality by combining all types of patient images such as surface scans, CBCT, face scans, patient photos, intraoral images and more.

The market’s widest range of 3D indications

CAD/CAM 3 Shape – The Most Advanced Scanner Available

3Shape D2000 – Increase productivity by up to 40%

The D2000 scanner provides very high ISO-documented accuracy, color texture, superior scan speeds and Adaptive Impression Scanning. Featuring industry-firsts like All-in-One Scanning, the D2000 captures upper and lower models, all inserted dies, and occlusion information in a single operation.

3Shape Impression Scanning

Improved scanning technologies, new options to design without pouring a gypsum model, and high performing 3D printing at lower costs.



  • Model scanning from single unit to full arch
  • Impression scanning up to full arch
  • Full arch scanning with palate for partial frameworks
  • Replication of wax-ups
  • Multi – die scanning & designing capabilities
  • Scanning implants for custom abutments
  • Scanning occlusions using check-bites or on positive models using our patented “axis-finder” technique

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